Chris and I take great pride in
being committed to a level of
service that leaves nothing in

Our vigilant presence in the
restaurant makes us available
if there are any questions or
special dietary needs.

Please be sure to take a few
minutes and say hello..

Bob & Chris
By Michelle Steinhebel, Lebanon Express writer

Bob and Chris Kahn are the new owners of Mama Linda's Great Pasta Co., a
popular Italian restaurant on Oak Street.

Their first day in the restaurant was May 12, 2008 after the couple moved from
San Luis Obispo, Calif. In San Luis Obsipo, they ran a Mediterranean
restaurant and wine shop for five years. The decision to buy Mama Linda's was
easy, Bob said.

“We were looking all over Oregon and we walked in here and.... It was just
perfect. Bingo.” The couple wrote an offer on the restaurant without having
found a place to live.

They have made changes to the menu and in-house desserts are now offered.
The red sauce recipe has been changed and fresh-grated Parmesan is now
being used in the Alfredo sauce and other dishes as well. The new
desserts are tiramisu, cannoli, double chocolate chip brownies, and
panna cotta.

The selection in the wine shop will focus on wines originating from Oregon,
Washington, and Italy.

Cooking has always been a passion of Bob's. He started when he was about
10 years old, after his mother was injured. He's worked and owned restaurants
before and isn't above busing tables, taking out orders, or prepping dishes.

Bob and Chris enjoy being in Oregon, which Bob describes as home. Much of
Bob's family is from Oregon and for him, “it's where I've always wanted to be.”

The couple have four children, although with their move came new family

“These guys are my new family,” Bob said of his restaurant staff. “I would like to
turn it into a family legacy, where the staff who works here would retire with me.
A place where people come through that door and it's like walking through my
front door,” Bob said.
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